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Roman Torchwick
Player: Megan
Canon: RWBY
Canon Point: Post- Volume 3
Alignment: Sosyne
Date of Entry: 09/06/2017
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Introduction to Verens ▸ Weiss, Ruby, Jaune, Yang, Nora
In which Roman finds himself in a city with a bunch of people he doesn't like all that much.

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There is no real indication that Roman has or has not received your message, but if he deems it worth it, he'll probably reply.
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How am I doing with this guy? Let me know, especially if it seems like I'm going too far.

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Player: Megan
Contact: [ profile] urbaninja or by pm
Age: 27
Current Characters: Roxas


Character: Roman Torchwick
Age: 30s~ (not stated in canon)
Canon: RWBY
Canon Point: Post-Volume 3

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Personality: Roman is a Jerk. Jerk with a capital J. Sure he comes off as charming and funny, but make no mistake, he can also be callous, selfish, rude, and outright cruel when the situation strikes him. All behaviours fitting of a Jerk.

It can be relatively safe to say that Roman is something of a foil to Ruby Rose. Where Ruby is optimistic and cheerful, believing that the world is ultimately good and she can be a force for justice, Roman is not. He's cynical and has a very strong belief that the world is not a great place. He sees it as cold and unforgiving, and the only way to get ahead is to lie, cheat, and steal. This can be assumed as one of the reasons why Ruby gets under Roman's skin so easily. She's the antithesis to his world view.

Despite this, Roman comes across as very charming. He's a very suave character, breezing through the criminal underground with sarcasm and one-liners aplenty, rarely letting his anger show unless someone's managed to get to the end of a medium-length fuse. He's comfortable in conversation, even if he's in a jail cell being interrogated by a stone-faced General. He's very much a planner, shown to be a successful criminal when he's not interrupted by those meddling kids. He's committed multiple dust robberies, and evaded authorities for a good while. So he's not a complete buffoon.

As charming as he is, there is also a ruthless side to him, and he can resort to physical violence either on his minions or those he's fighting (Ruby, in particular, is a target). He's very confident in himself, if no one else, and tends to see himself above others, faunus (humanoid-beings with animal features, such as cat ears or a tail) especially, often referring to them as mutts or animals. It can be assumed that his views can be a mixture of general opinions held against faunus, and the fact that he has to work with them on Cinder's orders, something he seems less than thrilled about.

Roman is a rather anti-authoritarian figure. Whether it's the powers that be or Cinder, Roman tends to chafe under a yolk. As mentioned before, he's not afraid to speak condescendingly to General Ironwood, and is visibly annoyed when he's not let in on the more sensitive details to Cinder's plot. While he does what he's told, he expects a reward and is frustrated when it doesn't come. However, he does continue to obey Cinder, so it's not enough to drive him away completely. Although the exact details of their alliance are not known, whatever he knows about Cinder's goals has convinced him that they're going to change the world and that it's better to be on what he perceives to be a winning team.

Despite all of this cynicism and general not-niceness, Roman does seem to have a soft spot for his partner, for lack of a better term, Neo. We're first introduced to her in Volume 2 and since then Neo rarely seems away from Roman's side, rescuing him and generally working with him in a closer sense than any of the other villains. They are seen fighting very well as a team, and he sends her to distract team RWBY when they attempt to interrupt the train plan. Most telling, in fact, is the way that he is visibly upset when she is blown off the airship, an act that causes him to turn on Ruby and attack her in a more vehement way than we've seen prior to any point in the series, suggesting that he did care for her. The exact nature of their relationship was never properly revealed.

Overall, Roman is a bad guy who enjoys being a bad guy. He's not looking for redemption or to be a hero. He just wants to get by in this world, and if he has to rough a few people up and pick a few pockets to do it, well, then that's just the price of business.

Abilities: At this time, it is unknown if Roman possessed a Semblance, and if he did, what it was. He is, however, a skilled pickpocket and no slouch with fighting with a cane.

His cane itself is known as Melodic Cudgel. While generally used as a bludgeoning weapon, the bottom of the cane is equipped with a gun (because this is RWBY and everything's a gun). The hook can also be launched and retracted.

Roman is also a skilled pilot, as evidenced when he pilots the airship through Glyda Goodwitch's attack, and in boarding the Elysian Paladin in Volume 2.

Coming off of Volume 3, it's safe to say that Roman will be very angry, and there's the sense that that is a driving emotion for him for most of the series. He has a beef against authority, and his final speech seems to suggests an anger at the world at large, particularly towards Huntsmen and Huntresses. On the flip side, Roman generally acts calm throughout the series, rarely letting his feathers get ruffled (at least, until they are)



Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

General Sample: Test Drive Thread and Test drive with Taiyang

Emotion Sample: Whereever Roman is, it's is not where he expected to be. At least, he's fairly certain that this is not what the inside of a Grimm should look like. If anything it looks kind of Vale, or the older parts of Vale anyway. He looks around, quickly, fearfully, adrenaline still coursing through his veins from the fight he was just in and not quite catching up to how quiet it is, how calm, how utterly devoid of combat.

He vaguely questions if this is the afterlife but those thoughts are shoved out of his head as the memories of had just transpired catch up to him and he almost reels from the force. And with it, the emotions, rage, fear, worry. Rage at that stupid little girl who couldn't keep her nose out of his business. Fear, that he might actually lose (did he lose?). Worry, for Neo, for the last thing he remembers seeing of her, that expression as she was blown off the airship and there was nothing he could do for her.

His legs buckle as the ground shifts under him but he doesn't realize he's causing it. Jagged spikes of earth come shooting out around him, closing him off from the world and a layer of frost covers them as well. Roman is in the centre, unable to ignore any of it and unable to stop, the spikes continuing to form outward. Tears of frustration well up in the corners of his eyes and start to freeze as his memories became clearer and it was obvious to Roman that he had well and truly lost.

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